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Detailled units characteristics & pictures:

(with GB 1940 France front)


> Germany
> French (with 1940 front &
1942/45 "France free")

> Italian

(actually only the pictures
for FR & IT nations)

Player guides & tricks:

- Multiplayers & MMS (RWM launcher) guide (new)(uk)

- NEWBIE RWM PLAYER GUIDE UK (new) revised by Last soldier
- # NEWBIE RWM PLAYER GUIDE UK or HERE (links dead actually)
- # NEWBIE RWM PLAYER GUIDE DE or HERE (links dead actually)
- # GUIDE DU JOUEUR RWM DEBUTANT FR ou ICI (pas très bien traduit) (links dead actually)

- Tricks for newbies but expert players too...

General RWM features

New & Units -
Many important and widely used WW2 units were left out of SS2, as you surely will have noticed. Many of these have been added into RWM

6.7 damage model -
In the original SS2 damage model every cannon and AT gun is able to pierce the armour of every tank, which is incredibly unrealistic - for example a 37mm AT gun can destroy a Konigstiger if it pounds its armour for long enough!  In real life, however, the 37mm shells would bounce off its armour time after time. 

In RWM the armour of each tank is rated against each type of weapon, so that the degree of protection given depends on the type of weapon shooting at it (e.g. more protection is given against 50mm shells than 88mm shells).  For each tank there is a minimum cannon calibre that is able to pierce its armour, and below this threshold shells simply bounce off.

RWM 6.7 differs only slightly from 6.5 & 6.6, with a couple of tweaks to improve realism, like for instance slightly less powerful flamethrowers. Those who are used to RWM 6.x will have not to make any adjustments to their tactics!

New scenery schemes -
You can now play in both winter and desert campaigns and maps!
On the right is an example taken from a map editor test.

Other important changes -
Beefier sound effects
Enhanced graphics
Scaled realism: consistent gun strengths, reload speeds and ranges. Only small compromises made to improve gameplay with the larger guns. (Its gotta be fun folks!)
Realistic unit speeds
Realistic unit vision
Improved artillery range, accuracy and damage model: artillery does more damage but is more inaccurate.
Tracer fire
Noticeable morale effects
Experience cheating removed
Updated editor
Riflemen don't always kill when they hit other infantry (like ssf)
Foxholes - see the picture of an early development screenshot
SSf maps! We have found a way of converting ssf maps to RWM.

Ongoing development -
unlike SS2, RWM is continually being refined, tweaked and added to.  Players of RWM have a say and can get involved in the development process.