RWM & site - Old news & history


> May 2010: RWM 6.8 (beta) is release! (Download section)
> 2010: SS2 (basic Vanilla game) is free now! (Download section)
> Nov. 2009: List to others good realistics mods and
with their Hamachi MP games servers (links section)

May 2009
> New link to tutorial on-line (YouTube) video MP maping in 10 min for beginners (link section).
> New link to probs firewall, ports & router (in "FAQ" > firewall > link > re links section).
> New link to "triks" in "features & units" (>tricks>links) section
> New link to tutorial editor mapping (with tricks) for SS1/SSF (but surely good for SS2/RWM) in "link"(>mapping...) section.
> New section "Promote RWM"

April 2009
> RWM: A fiew news to RWM 6.8 in work for make you's mouth water...
- new unit: "field-garage" static, able to repair and reload ammo, 60.000 ammo-points.
- new unit: "M8 75mm M2 Howitzer Motor Carriage".
- new unit: "Field Radio Operator (light Artillery)".
- new unit: "Field Radio Operator (medium Artillery)".
- US "M6 heavy tank" prototype, no more avaiable.
- UK "A43 Black Prince (17pdr Mk VII l/58)" prototype, no more avaiable.
- ...
More informations here:
> Site: some make up a page updates

March 2009
> A fiew improvements in "map editing" page for more clarity

Feb 2009
> Site: A fiew update links in maps section

January 2009
Site: some updates in:
- "pictures units" pages & "links" section
- new pictures for 6.8 version in link "news" in download section

> Site: some updates ("map editing..." and
"Features... units/nations units" sections pages)

> RWM: Some new SP maps (maps section)
Site: Some new links (DL & link sections)
> RWM: New pictures to future RWM 6.8 (news/links section)

> Site: FTP download maps reactivat & new Sudden tools links

> Site: "Multiplayers & MMS guide" & "RWM NEWBIE GUIDE"
by "Gojira", revised by "Last soldier" (in features section)
& new link to RWM gallery (screenshot section)

> Others WW2 realistic Sudden mods: A future PWM2 (Pacific Warfare Mod) relased for SS:RW. Playable in MP ? Interview here
> Site: Plane trick... (features section)

> site : New video on line for my second favorit game Battlegroup42
(click on logo to left in home page or link section)

> Site : Some updates in balance section
> Personal : European, who is you ? A little history and Because with things as they are currently...(at the bottom in link section)

August (SPQR!)
> Site : Start of the tricks page (in Features section)
- Site : Update features & pictures nations units
(in Features section)

> RWM :
- New Screens shoot! See first link in this page
> Site update :
- Complet FR, US & Ital. nations pictures units with includ 1942/45 "France free" units (in Features section)
- New link to a top historical WW2 units site! "tarrif"
(in link section & Historical WW2 references units sites)

> Site update :
- New information page about bad SS2/SS:RW "gold" edition pack in sale, not compatible with mods (in FAQ section/Do I need SS2...)
- New page about RWM firewall & routers ports (in FAQ/If I use fire...)
- Link to new RWM files dl mirror, including mainly a lot SP & MP maps and SS2/RWM mapping & modding tools pack (in maps & dl sections)
- New link to SS2/RWM take video in game, with tools list including (dl section)

> RWM :
- New Screens shoot! See first link
> Site update :
- New links to "NEWBIE RWM PLAYER GUIDE UK, DE, FR" in "Features" & "links" sections.
- New pages "Sudden Strike II basic editor manual" and "Sudden Strike tools list" in links in "map editing" section.
> Units RWM Tables update :
- Units RWM Excel (principaly the planes sheet and FR units) (dl section) & Word table

> Site update :
- New page "map editing" with differents specific RWM balancing commentaries addition.
- New "caracteristics units" and all RWM units pictures (actualy without USA)(links in "Features" & other sections)
- New link to RWM "Chat"
> Units RWM Excell Table update :
- update & addition units French USA "Lend Lease" list
(1942/43 north africa et 1944/45 Europa)- (dl section)

March 2008
4 first RWM videos of its history... in "fullscreen" & streaming!
Not again the same quality that in game, but already very well
(For use fullscreen, clic on litle screen pictogram "fullscreen toggle", on the bottom right in video tools)
- "Wintergewitter" multiplayer battle RWM 6.71 map (800*600)
- "Minsk" multiplayer battle RWM 6.71 map (800*600)
- Hold RWM 6.5 map (1024*768)
- last RWM 6.71 trailer (800*600)
If you want to watch this videos in their highquality,
download they here :

A fiew RWM 6.8 futur update screens shoot...
- new_panther_skins.jpg
- rwm672gn1.jpg (new objects : bridge, tramway)

Nov. 2007
RWM 6.71 FINAL released!
go download section
List updates here (GB forum)

Second RWM video of its history... largely better than the first

sept. 2007
First RWM video of its history...
RWM 6.7, the quality is not really here (100 x better in game),
but that will give you already an general idea...

For those which do not know Sudden Strike.
Others videos of basic game "Sudden Strike" SS1 (v 1)
This videos date from basic SS1 v 1 game, without RWM mod and are played in ARCADE/VANILLA "childish" & science fiction mode “any nations vs any nations” in the event here they are in USSR vs USSR. But videos very good in "presentation" & "editing".
- Rushs (attack launching)
- Air raid
- Tanks destruction

july 2007
RMW 6.7Beta5 final by Barbarossa & RWM community

june 2007
Update - RMW 6.7Beta4E - new scheme - Addition of a “season” (scheme) “summer” improved

link on picture and HERE and HERE
Release and test of beta RWM 6.7 B2, B3, B4 versions by Barbarossa & RWM community

RMW 6.6 final by Barbarossa & RWM community

20.10.2004 - RWM6.5 saves RWM 7.0! By EQT & RWM community
- by Doctor Jeep -
As no doubt most of you already know, the release of RWM7 was all a bit of a horrid mistake: the team changed halfway through development and it was released half finished. EQT and his brave band of testers though resurrected the project, and managed to keep the known and loved RWM6.3 damage system, and added RWM7 sounds, units and schemes.
And it works too!

Plus there are some excellent new skins for the tanks and a bunch of new planes ... check out our download page for a list of mirrors.

2003 - v 6 for SS2

2002 - v 5 for SSF

Otcho creat the first version RWM v 4 for SSF (Sudden Strike Forever), add-on for SS1