RWM Download
Each download of RWM comes complete
with mission editor and compatible mod switcher.

RWM Game dl

Now RWM work in SSRW (add-on SSII - Sudden Strike Ressource War)
(includ with RWM)

RWM 8 Beta 2 (RWM-SSRW)(oct. 2012)(619 Mo)

RWM units & caracteristics list and infos tables:
(2 important files FOR PLAYERS & MAPPERS)

(.zip) ("Excel" table)
(still with a fiew of the RWM 6.6) (by myself, on the basis table of "Kamui")
If you want to learn or you improve and/or creat maps, above all on line, student this table (UK langage at the moment).
HERE (.xls). The "Excel" file directly opened in your navigator if plugin installed.
- For view Excel table without Excel program (freeviewer HERE) (UK) (*)

2- THE SECOND BIBLE (.doc) ("Word" table)
Different, complementary and with some infos important not included in the 1st Excel table. Mains units (above all the principal tanks) with theirs maines caractéristics by nations and alphabétical order. Ideal for for the printed and fixed it near of your PC, to have it near to you whenever you play.
- Caution ! the color of collums is good in Word (2003) but very shiting in "Worpad" program.
- For view Word table without Word program (freeviewer HERE) (UK) (*)

(*) if you want DE or FR version viewers or other langs, in the end url link change "en" by "de", etc...

RWM FTP dl sites

RWM files mirror: (link dead)
MP RWM Maps: (link dead)
SP RWM Maps: (link dead)

Sudden Strike Maps & mods (new version) (recent old)

Tools for mapping & modding

Sudden serie SS2/RWM tools pack :
(link dead)

SS2/RWM tools list :
- (Russia)
Sudden tools
- (1 same link on line) (link dead)
(2) (link dead)
- Steppenwolf (link dead)

Tools & informattions for take SS2/RWM videos in game (DE)

If you want testing hold RWM versions & maps
You can download the others versions mods from these locations

and here

RWM 6.8 Beta4 (may 2010)(440 Mo)

RWM 6.7 final & patch Bugfix RWM 6.71
Save this files in a folder, use anti virus before install if you is affraid and instal they in your SS 2.2 folder.
This contains the latest current version of RWM. If it doesnt work for whatever reason, don't lose heart. Don't forget if you do have problems with the install, its probably your own fault, but there are many people on the forums that will be only too happy to help out.

SS2 & SS:RW patchs dl

- Sudden Strike II (direct dowload)
- Sudden Strike II (dowload page)
- Sudden serie patch
(official site with all the patchs for all add-ons & stand-alones)

Others dl

Utilities files :
- For open (.rar/zip) files Winrar (free program)
- For translat online (very good in whole page) good site