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>> Infos about RWM 8 (SSRW)(DE forum)

RWM guides

- "Multiplayers & MMS (RWM launcher & hoster game) guide" & "Newbie guide" in Features section.

Others good realistics mods

- As with RWM, the Hamachi MP games servers listed below with mods SSL, HS3 & HS2-Fusion4, are play only adult WW2 feeling way. So, not unreal mix nations and fronts. Only Germans/Ital. vs USSR OR GB/USA OR Japan vs GB/USA (and other realistic configurations WW2 nations).

If possible with: Historical feeling maps without prototyps, rare units and if possible with units present in time and geographicaly on ground.
("immersion" not = perfect WW2 "simulation", but only a realism "feeling").

- Add-on: Only the mod, necessary basic game already installed
- Stand-alone: Full basic game+mod, dont necessary basic game installed
- MMS: Multi Mod Switcher/Laucher
- Hamachi site:

Based on SS:RW (Sudden Strike:Ressource War v 2.4)

> SSL (Sudden Strike Liberation)(Stand-Alone - sept. 2009)
- SSL v 2.75 B5: (526 Mo - with MMS) Download 1 or Download 2 (NEW! 02/2010)
- SSL v 2.75 B5: (538 Mo - without MMS) Download 1 or Download 2
On the face of it, according the SSL team, if you have alredy instal SSL version without MMS, you can unpack this into your already current SSRW/SSL folder. I have not again tested that... but personaly I think actualy it's prerable install only one version, SSL with MMS OR SSL without MMS... or you will find with 2 SSL in one main folder in 2 differents secondary folders... difficult for update SSL...
- Shemes patch: (179 Mo) Download
- Slyder Skinspatch (not obligatory but very good): Download
- Slyder Skinspatch update (with less camouflage cut branches): Download 1 or Download 2
- Winter skins : (replace old file)(11/2009) Download
- Desert skins: (replace old file)(11/2009) Download
- UK langage patch for B5 (not all is translate): Download
- Sound pack (not obligatory): (157/160 Mo)(11/2009)
Download 1 (english version) - Download 2 (China version?)
- SP mappack (Astro): Download
- Chinese campagn maps: Download
Hamachi server MP games:
Network: SSLWW2 - Pass: 3210
Network2: SSLWW2-02 - Pass: 3210

> PWM (Pacific Warfare Mod)(add-on)
v 2.01 (march 2009)
- Download 1 - Download 2
Hamachi server MP games: Network: PWMWW2 - Pass: 3210

> RCM (Real Combat Mod)(add-on)(sept. 2009)
- Download 1 - Download 2
The site is not very update, but the mod it, always in developement.
Hamachi server MP games: Network: ercéem27 - Pass: jelszo

Based on SS2 (Sudden Strike II v 2.2)

> HS3 (Hidden Stroke 3)(Stand-Alone)(fev. 2009)
- V 1.5 "long range" (original version):
1 (USSR forum - 886 Mo)
Download 2 (Brazilian link - 954 Mo)
(but 2 links above maybe not originals "long range" version ?)
Download 3 (886 Mo) (NEW! 02/2010)
- V 1.5 "ARENA range fix" (range reducted):
1 (Brezilian clan, mods dls page - 954 Mo)
Download 2 (link dont sure Arena fix version too?)
Hamachi server MP games (only ARENA range fix version):
Network: HS3WW2 - Pass: 3210

> HS2-Fusion4 (Hidden Stroke 2)(Stand-Alone)
- Download (809 Mo, Maybe v ligth, without maps?)
HS2-F4 is not compatible with HS2 alone or with HS2 with "Fusion v3.4" (Download) mod (only add-on) for HS2. In spite their same names, Fusion4 is different and more complet than Fusion 3.4.
Hamachi server MP games: Network: HS2-Fusion4-WW2 - Pass: 3210

Sudden all serie mapping

Editor manuals/tutorials:
- For beginner mappers: Making multiplayer maps in 10 mins

- Complet basic Sudden Strike II editor manual HERE
- Tutorial mapping: How make realistic maps in Editor?

(I think complementary and helpful also for SS2/RWM,
based on same editor)
- Basic SS1/SSF editor manual 1 HERE
- (new) Basic SS1/SSF editor manual 2 HERE
- (new) A bug in the editor interface

Tools list:
- All version Sudden Strike tools list HERE

Further infos:
- RWM units & caracteristics tables list and infos HERE

RWM modding

- Tutorial modding: How to make units ?

Tools list:
- all version Sudden Strike tools list HERE

RWM Forums
(all links dead actualy)
- # (DE)
- # (UK)
- # (DE)
- # (new DE)
- # (UK)

Others RWM portails

My FR RWM site

DE RWM portal

Old versions


General portails Sudden serie:


Download site (see too in dl section):
Sudden Strike Maps & mods (new version) (old version)

Official Sudden site:

RWM IP data base (see too "Current games" section)


RWM IPs alternate (if the first is failure):

Special RWM sites

Critical SP RWM map (& dl)

RWM tournament site (2vs2) - start 15 nov 2008

Other Chats

- (DE)
- (surely DE)

Historical WW2 references units sites (FR/UK)
THE TOP ! Sites on the tanks and guns of the WW2. (For air force and warships caracteristics see below "drawings" site of same author).
And if you want see and to take advantage of all informations of units of this very complete site, important! see the "PRATICAL INFOS" section, on first page of every nations and click on "navigation" link. All above for explications about browsing buttons, not always very visible (pictos/pictures) "simple arrow" (>) at the bottom of a lot pages & about pictos "Data" & "Profiles". (FR/UK)
All "drawings", "skins" of the WW2 units and with air force and warships caracteristiscs.
(Views & caracteristics to all WW2 vehicules)
(comparison beetwen WW2 unities types, a best !) (start page with a lot other WW2 informations & links) (original site creat for a WW2 FPS game) (UK) (FR)
A exellent site too ! on all WW2 units and more complet for air force and warships caracteristics. (UK)
Very good and complet too.

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