Balance & units parameters in RWM MP map


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Note specialy for new players: The most difficult units to remember is primarily the USSR "SU" & "ISU"... series (ISU-122, ISU-152, SU-122, etc...). Because many have same looks but dont have the same characteristics of fire and resistance armor...
For study they, see my tables units (and specialy the "word")
in download section.

Note for all players: See too the "Features & Units" section
for units cracteristics (advantages, disadvantages, speed, use, etc.)

RWM MP map parameters manual, map makers, scripters
& "equitable" tips balancing units

- In RWM, "equitable" & "=" dont say = total balance,
but +/- balancing, but each teams can win (if map not totaly unbalanced, but in general it not play longtime).
And yes, sometimes a nation will be a little stronger on a map, the difference will be made on the quality of players and team spirit. Real feeling war and total balance are incompatible.
- All commentaries here speak only about to units specificities in RWM, sometimes differente to the reality.
- This balanced parameters are of points of view of 2 mappers and me, not to be bound to be surely of all mappers & players. But I think it is very well to start mapping, over time you make your own experience.

Balance & mapping infos principaly by "Langemarck" (THX for its good job), a fiew by "SuperFigaro", sometimes the "Barbarossa" (RWM moder, commentaries present in editor map) and "Shadock" [me].

By Langemarck:
1. Set the exp of all infantry to 150
2. Gun : PAK 40 = US 3.00"(inch) = ZIS 3 -> for GB use US 3.00inch
3. always make sure that infantry is balanced -> for GB use the US MG
4. Tanks, APC & the main powerful guns :
-Best is to make a combination of tanks (in general you should have the same firepower, armour, speed and range for all nations).
-Try to give an even quantity of tanks.
-Tanks should have at least 25-30 exp and not to high.
-Try to avoid using tanks that you don't know very well.
-Don't use to many units at the same time, give tank hunters and normal tanks in seperate reinforcement

*EXAMPLES* Equitability Tanks
(see too below other examples in section "Tanks
& main powerful guns")

By Langemarck:
- Panther + Pz IV H/G = 2 T34-85 mod44 = Comet + Cromwell
(3 panther + 3 pz H = 6 T34-85 mod44 = 3 Comet + 3 Cromwell).
By SuperFigaro & I agree:
- 1 Panther not = 1 Comet (first, because a Comet dont resist to a 75mm pack gun fix to face, but Panther yes - and surely a loss life points more quicly vs a same gun shoot)
Maybe rather:
- 3 panters = 2 Comet + 1 GB tank can pierced Panther armor of face (1 Achille 17pdr) or 2 Panthers + xp in more for 2 Comet ?
Maybe rather:
- 2 PzIV G & 2 Pz F2 vs 5 cromwells (Because the Cromwell have a lowest accurate shoot and less resistant armor - surely a loss life points more quicly vs a same gun shoot)
[By Shadock (reminder):]
- 1 Panther not = 1 T34-85 (+/- same guns but the Panther have a better armor of face).

By Langemarck:
- JagdPanther + Nashorn = 2 SU-100 = 2 Jacksons (45xp instead of 30)(JagdP + nash + 2 stug = 2 su-100 + 2 su-75 = 2 jackson + 2 hellcat).
By SuperFigaro:
- (JagdP + nash + 1 stug = 2 jacksons + 2 hellcat) (Because Hellcat have a bad armor and above all to blow up in first shoot gun)
[By Shadock (reminder):]
- 1 Jagdpanther not = 1 SU-100 (+/- same guns but the JagdPanther have a largely better armor of face).

by Langemarck:
- Konigtiger + Tiger 1 = 2 JS2 + SU-122 = 4 Pershing [preferably other units] (konig + 2 panther + 2 pz H + 2 tiger 1 = 4 t34-85 mod44 + 2 js2 + isu-122 = 4 pershing [preferably other units] + 2 comet + 2cromwell). + be carefull when you add bombers, don't give many when you work with KT or Eleph.

For light tanks (often with short RS <560)
I will give more info later, this is hard to balance.

[By Shadock (special category):]
"Infantery" tanks = (all above GB & USSR)
(different RS and categories guns)
Are specialised for support infantery with slow-moving.
List : Matilda, Valentine, Churchill, T-35, Churchill Avre Petard & KV-2 (this 2 laster especially used in "Assault howitzers", see next category).

[By Shadock (special category):]
"Assault howitzers" tanks
(SPG howitzer direct shoot with different RS)
- Sherman 105mm, Bishop, Churchill Avre Petard (special short RS 360), S.I.G 33, Stumrhautbitze42, Brummbaer, Semovente M43 (Ital), SU-122 (exist too a AT version), ISU-152, KV2.
This tanks are especially used in "Assault howitzers" for destroy bunkers, houses & guns & machine-gun nests, litle units & infantry. It can cause +/- damages to medium and a fiew big tanks too, but generaly lightly and with difficulty (except SturmTiger & Churchill Avre, which they can cause a lot damages and destroy all tanks, if I remember well... but RS Churchill Avre have very short shot).
- SturmPanzer series (not very a Assault howitzers in RWM) are too very good for destroy gun & machine-gun nests.
- SturmTiger is a exception, it's a indirect shoot but with a good acuracy and this unit can be consider between howit. and ari.

APC & Halftracks

APC 7.62mm:
- BA64 = SD 221 = A4 vickers

APC 20mm:
- SD kfg 6rad or 8rad = greyhound = dingo = BA6 or 10' (+/-)

APC 45-50mm:
- PUMA = BA6(+20xp) = greyhound(+20xp) = dingo(+20xp) or 2pounder(+20xp) = stuart (+/-)

APC 75mm: (litle howitzer/ari, direct shoot)
- SD 251/9 = M3 halftrack (perfect)


by Langemarck:
- P23 or sd 250/1 = Ot-26 = Bren carrier or A22 churchill
By SuperFigaro:
- A22 churchill is separate of other Flametrower, resiste to 75mm pack gun and its gun is more powerful.

Tanks (& some main powerful guns for comparison)

by Langemarck:
> Tank (RS: 560/625) classed by gun size.
- Pz II F = T60 = (tetrarch or daimler dingo)
- PZ35t(+20xp) = bt7 = stuart
- pz38t = bt7 = stuart
- PZ 3L = BT7 ? = cruisader
- pz3 N = t34-76 mod40 = m24 chaffee
- stug 2 b or pzjager1 = t28 = sherman I mine cleaner
- PzIV D = T34-76 Mod 40 = Sherman I M4 75mm
- PZIV H (or G) = T34-57 mod 41(+10xp) = Cromwell(+25xp)
[By Shadock:]
Reminder of main tanks equiped with this RS
- Shermans (I, IV), Wolverine... & this list above & surely others more... (for those which lack, see my equivalence tables in dl section)

> Tank (RS: 630/680) equivalent 75mm/76mm
[By Shadock:]
> Reminder of tanks equiped with this RS:
- Shermans (II, III, Easy8, Jumbo), Comet, Hellcat, Stug III G

> Tank (RS: 690/700) equivalent USSR 85mm (without the AA/AT towed gun) & DE 75mm L/70
By Langemarck:
- Panther = KV-85mm = su-85m(-10xp) = su-122(+/-) = Comet
- Panther + Pz IV H/G = 2 T34-85 mod44 = Comet + Cromwell
By SuperFigaro & I agree:
- 1 Panther not = 1 Comet (first, because a Comet dont resist to a 75mm pack gun fix to face, but Panther yes - and surely a loss life points more quicly vs a same gun shoot)
Maybe rather :
- 3 panters = 2 Comet + 1 GB tank can pierced Panther armor of face (1 Achille 17pdr) or 2 Panthers + xp in more for 2 Comet ?

[By Shadock:]
(- Panther = kv-85mm = su-85m(-10xp) = su-122(+/-) ??)
Maybe +/- same guns and armor of face (exept su-122 armor), but the Panther is largely fastest that KV-85, and su-85m & su-122 have not a mobil turret...

> Reminder of tanks equiped with this RS:
- Tanks: T34-85, kv-85, SU-85 & M, SU-122 AT, Panther, Jgd pz IV L/70
- Guns: GB 25 pdr ARI/AT in AT mode

> Tank (RS: 700/720) equivalent 88mm L/56, GB 17pdr
Note: Maxi RS for GB nation, except 94mm AA/AT gun towed.
Note: 88mm L/71 gun is not the same, it is better.
By Langemarck:
- Tiger1 = JS1 [preferably other units] = -> for GB see tank with 17pdr
By SuperFigaro (and Barbarossa moder) & I agree:
- 1 Tiger1 not = 1 JS1 [preferably other units](Same the moder say too that in the RWM editor map. Because JS1 have a fiew less good mobility, a fiew less good life points and range shoot and above all less good side & rear armour than T1).
Maybe rather
- 1 Tiger1 vs 1 JS1 [preferably other units] + 1 T34-85 mod43
(good gun but fragile)
[By Shadock:]
> Reminder of tanks/guns equiped with this RS:
- Tanks: Tiger1, JS1, Archer, Firefly, Achille
- Guns: GB 17pdr, DE 105mm ARI/AT Leichte in AT mode.

By Langemarck:
> Tank (RS: 730/750) equivalent DE 88 mm L/71, USA 90 mm &
USSR 122mm.
- Kt + 2 Tiger1 = 2js2 + isu-122(+20xp) = 4 pershing [preferably other units]
[By Shadock:]
> Reminder of tanks/guns equiped with this RS guns type:
- Tanks: T2 (KT), Nashorn, JagdPanther, Elephant, JS2, ISU-122, SU-152 (152mm), Pershing [preferably other units]
- Towed guns (exept kreuzlafette is fix):
DE- 88mm L/71 pack 43, 88mm L/56 Flak 18, 88mm L/56 Flak kreuzlafette (note: In RWM, kreuzlafette & Flak 18 have illogically the same range shoot that L/71, but I dont verify if they have same penetration AT power ?)
USA- 90mm AA/AT
GB- 94mm AA/AT
USSR- 100mm BS-3 pack, 85mm AA/AT (towed guns only, not the 85 mm USSR tanks which is = 76 mm of Panther)
> Reminder: 1 T2 (KT) not = 1 JS2 (+/- the same power gun, but even if they are the same Life points (1600), the KT lose that points largely less quickly that the JS2 & the KT resist at one more wide category of guns) (See Word table).

[By Shadock:]
> Tank (RS: 800/850)
- JagdTiger (AT) (800, in RWM only it not SPG, with this RS)
- Other tanks with this RS are SPG howitzer (see above in page "Assault howitzers" tanks list) and although direct shoot are not AT (they have largely less wrong in penetration armor than typical AT) and more often used vs infantery, litle tanks, houses and bunkers.

[By Shadock:]
> Tank SPG artillery and rockets launcher
(RS: 1300 to 4000 indirect shoot)
- Hummel, SturmTiger (big damages), SdKfz 251/1 Wurfrahmen (APC rocket), Priest, Sherman Calliope, M40, Sexton, Katyusha (truck rocket), Andryusha (truck rocket)

Rest by Langemarck:
Tanks AT (fix and mobil turett taken together)
with examples

- Jgd pz Hetzer (or marder 3 or 2+10xp) = su-76
- Jgd pz IV L/48 pak39 = KV1 76.2mm [but KV have mobil turett]
- Jgd pz IV L/70 pak42 = SU-85
- JagdPanther + Nashorn = 2 SU-100 = 2 jacksons (+15xp)
- 2 Nashorn = su-100 + su-85m = 2 jacksons
- Eleph = JS2 = 2 pershing [preferably other units]
- JagdTiger = 3 isu-122 (full xp)
- 17 pdr GB: Archer, Firefly, Achille

5. Pioneers and snipers
Never give more than 3 pioneer, on small maps it's better to give only 1 pioneer.

6. Officers
Always give enough officers and underofficers try to give feldwebel/sergeant in each truck of 10 inf.

7. Zepps and terrain
Try to limit the objects at the battlefield to avoid blocking of units, try to keep the size of each player's front not to big and not to small and make sure the terrain is fair at both sides (same seize of hills, obstacles,...)

8. Timers
1)infantry only 00.10
2)light tanks 03.00
3)Pak guns 05.00
4)medium tanks 10.00
5)tankghunters 15.00
6)heavy tanks 27.30
7)tank hunters 45.00
8)medium tanks 01.15

Timers can be diffirent depending on the terrain, when there are no hills or no defencive positions you can use these, if there are 'camper' positions try you can add some time.

9. Try to make it clear to which position a player should move at the start of the game, you can do so by using a message or other indications. 

Messages with sound:
-make a new script
-start from mission is more than ../..
-turn off this trigger(important)
-say phrase
-select the message ( to make a new message click on the text on the bottom that says message select teh sound and add the text )

You can add messages that open a new screen in the game,
to do so use 'show modial dialog' instead of 'say phrase'.

You can move the screen to a cetrain point on the map togther with a
message :
Say phrase or show modial dialog with pointer to marker x and place the marker number(zepp) on the map.

This can be usefull when you want to explain what players should pay atttention to.