RWM6.7 is a community effort, and everyone from the playtesters to the modellers deserve a big thanks. As with most community projects, its impossible to list everyone.

RWM 6.7 Development Team and helpful donators.
Barbarossa & RWM community (list comming soon)

Sardaukar busily coding the spectacular RWM HE sheep.

Otcho - Created the original RWM mod
Sardaukar - Created the switcher and has been fiddling around ever since. Please note that "fiddling around"
is a lot different to "hidden stroking".

New Web Team
Shadock - rescuer, upgrader
& admin of this site

Old Web team
Doctor Jeep - Site Design
Tally-Ho - Tactical genius behind this site
Christoph (German), Fyseni (Finnish), Galician Warrior (Spanish), Messiaen (Italian)