My other favories best WW2 games (FPS)(2009)

You like WW2 RTS immersion realistic feeling? But you like too the FPS? So you will liked "Battlefield 1942"(BF1942)!

But only with its realistic mod (site here >>) "Forgotten Hope" (FH or FH1). Actually, the more BF1942 mod play in MP,
at any time (I supose) and all days.
+ fans mapppacks
(mapppacks compulsory for play with this 2 popular FH servers) (8 Mappacks v 1 to 8) (4 mappacks v 1 to 2 add on).

This mod is playable with configuration:
1,7 GhZ (AMD) or 2 GhZ (Pentium), 1G memory, 128 Mo video card.

After install last BF1942 (v 1.61b) version & FH (v 7.0 - 3 files), search Internet IP in the game (menu/ multiplayers/Internet...) and "Forgotten Hope" selected in "personal filters" option in right, after clic on the server choice, the game launched automaticly the good mod (This is valid for all mods installed).

I think FH & BG42 are the bests (so play seriousely) WW2 FPS game at the moments (2008)(and all the same more 5 years ;) ... I play only WW2 period... I discovered that it was a very good period for video war games.

Where find Basic VANILLA (ARCADE) game?

- "Battlefield 1942" (BF1942)
To find it you have the "Per to Per"... or the official site.

Other bests realistic Mods for BF1942:

BattleGroup42 (BG42):
Come play the evening 8h00/8h30 pm! (GMT+1, Paris,...), Sunday, Wednesday & sometimes too the Tuesday. A litle video for start HERE. Actualy always in continual improvement. But you must have a good computer with this mod (2 GhZ, 2G memory, 256 Mo video memory card).

eXperience WW2 (XWW2):

Rarely servers/games open in MP at the moment, only in SP. Very shame... It was one of best mods for me. Maybe go see new times of play ? in their forum...

If you want know if a mod is play and popular before install it, Use the ligth tool "The All-Seeing Eye" (ASE) (forum), for see IP MP games and the number of players in game of this mods, but not all mods are listed.