(for install & other questions, see FAQs)

1: The IP MP RWM games will be visible only after RWM installed.
RWM will install automaticly in parallel a small software/tool named "MMS"(MultiModSwitcher) (IP list/hoster games/RWM & mods launcher) includ. A pictogram to type "socket" blue will appear on your desktop. With includ in this MMS, a directly download maps system! Named "[MS]" (Map Server)(More info in "FAQs & install" section about MP games).

2: Even if it's possible with the basic game, MIX WW2 UNREAL nations/fronts is not tolerate in MP games! You must respect the minimum realism RWM spirit! Only Real WW2 feelings... So only EAST OR WEST WW2 fronts (Gers/Ital vs USSR OR US/GB/FR) (for FR, 1940 units OR 1942/45 with Lend Lease US/UK units periods). So, you must forget your mix soldiers boxes... of your childhood...

Same if you find sometimes a few rares maps in "allies (USSR + GB/US in same team/ground) vs Germans", it's, or a error/oversight or a mapper kid or a new mapper, that we will avoid...

But, and specially in MP games, if you like the RTS WW2 games type "VANILLA/ARCADE", several options are available to you ;)
Go your way, return play basic Sudden series, SS2, SSF or HS2 or testing and become addicted and accept MORE REALISM WW2 IMMERSION FEELING of this exellent game! In RWM, in SP same in MP games, "VANILLA/ARCADE" is minimized as possible and WW2 immersion accentuate the most possible.

3: The RWM players must be able to play with the 4 main WW2 nations (Germany, USSR, USA, GB) in MP games. (What makes all the interest and the richness of this mod!)
And the more possible quicly with secondary nations too (Italy, France), but it less present in MP maps.
For that, study a minimum the 2 tables of RWM units & units pictures in parallel and to be in personal training in SP game before to come in MP games.
Before coming on the MultiPlayers (MP) games, if it dont want to be caught scraped the too fast at beginning and among other, because it often will be confronted with the choice to be obliged to take the remaining nation still free in a team in a game (but it can, of course, this specialized and to have these preferences, myself I have the mines). For reason of number and units place, "Pacific" front with Japan was abandoned in RWM, see "Pacific Warfare Mod" PWM now.

4: The total balance between the opposite nations in the map
is impossibe in RWM.

This is incompatible with (+/-) realistic immersion parameters to RWM units. Total balance between the opposite nations in map (in MP as in SP, and example: Germans vs USSR OR GB/USA) is not possible. So, there will always be a nation a little more strong than the other on a map. Afterwards, that depends of talent and knowledge of game by the mapper. But dont be afraid of this, the majority to MP maps play in RWM are good and close to balance and all nations present in map can win. If a map is too much unbalanced, it will not be long played. It's not the ligth avantage of a nation which creat the "difference" but the capacity and talent of players and too the "team spirit" to each other. RWM is too captivating than a chess game but it's not a chess game with totaly indentical units. Almost every parameters unit (especially tanks) is different in RWM.

5: Yes, RWM is not a recent mod (and even less its first basic game "SSF", before it uses "SS2"), 7/8 years now.
But if a lot players play again with it, it's that it always improve with time. It is still very beautiful and good graphically, as in sound and it improves with each new version. And that many games published since (especially in 3D and even very realistic in their graphics and environments), are unfortunately often played in childhood way by their players (any nations vs any nations) and so with any respect to the WW2 realistic immersion feeling (very more fun and strategic though).

The problem it's too that many of these WW2 3D RTS games have little to do with WW2 now, including often prototypes or units (often tanks) who have never fought and never fought at all, same never existed, during the WW2. Or games especially with a "height of view" (elevation view) which makes them not RTS games, but "Commando" games (also games such as "commandos" often difficult to manipulate) and sometimes become almost FPS games... If I want to see units closely, I dont play with a RTS, but with a FPS game... ;) (Are the editors gone mad ?). Sometimes some of these games are almost like science fiction... and I like too the SF games, but when I want play SF, I play with SF game... not historical game. I tested a lot RTS games (in 3D or not) on the WW2 during these many years, but I was still never found one (played seriously) for dethrone RWM.

And why WW2 period especialy ? Because I think that it's a very good period for play RTS game (besides FPS game too). Surely because of specifics weapons of this period, already modern, but not again too much, to its large possibility scenarios and the large differents unities. And surely too because of the large Hollywood WW2 movies see in the TV...

A RWM player will have to also know the best possible and most quickly, the units of RWM,
this to be able to appreciate the game as soon as possible too.
That it is to better have to play a few times with RWM in solo mode.
And studies a minimum the specificities of the principal units (the tanks) of principal nations of game (USSR/Germains-Ital/USA-GB).

RWM is a team game, so dont hesitate and dont forget to communicate during the parts via the chat game!! But not too either...
And perhaps even... not inevitably to seek to win oneself, but especially to seek to help its team of the moment and in the second time to carry out a honourable score oneself in this team.

No prototyps and/or secret weapons units never use in WW2. Except 2 units dating of basic Vanilla SS2, fortunately rarely used by the good mappers. And normaly delete in futur 6.8 RWM version.
No units arrived or use (in other conflicts) after the end WW2 (may 1945).
RWM is not a Chess game with units damages parameters and nations cloning (Each unit has +/- its parameters damage closer to reality). This requires more professionalism of the mappers part and for the players too, but very WW2 realistic immersion anxiety & suspense funniest for all ;)

- GUIDE DU JOUEUR RWM DEBUTANT FR ou ICI (pas très bien traduit)

But this mod is not a perfect historical mod either.
Because it's a RTS video game and its technically possibilities necessarily reducted right from the start and for keep the fun too. Example : of course, the range shoots is relly reducted (for me, a bit too in RWM...) and not to be comparable in view the reality and of course too, all the diversity of nations, units and soldiers type of WW2 not present in RWM.

2st- For the presence of historical units in the maps (above all in MP), that depend only of mappers and of their historical rigour and will. Example : It's posssible that you will see of maps 1942/43 desert with WW2 units indeed used of this ground and years but see too with of units only use from 1944 (Comet, panther, JP, etc...),
but fortunately for desert maps, it's quite rare.
And a majority of MP maps in Europa (same alleged 1941/43 East front) are often with units from 1944/45)... But generaly, if a mapper includ a year in the map name, often the units presence are +/- respected historically, for our greatest pleasure and diversity!

In short, RWM is not a perfect historical WW2 immerssion game,
but a historical WW2 FEELING immerssion game.